Is Season 2 of Netflix’s Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix Happening?

Branded as an enemy of the state, a cyborg supersoldier grapples with the search for a cause worth fighting for in a dystopian society where reality is a deceptive mirage.

The principal cast includes Adi Shankar as Red, Balak as Bullfrog, Boris Hiestand as Alex, Caroline Ford as The Warden, Courtney Mae-Briggs as Jade, Daniel York Loh as Pagan Min, David Menkin as Rayman, Glenn Wrage as Pay’J, Mark Ebulue as Marcus Holloway, and Nathaniel Curtis as Dolph Laserhawk.

With Adi Shankar at the helm as creator and executive producer, and supported by Gérard Guillemot, Hélène Juguet, Hugo Revon, and director Mehdi Leffad, this series straddles the realm of comedy and animation, brought to life by the collaboration of Bobbypills and Ubisoft Film & Television.


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